Steuben, Maine (outlined in red) is a proposed site for a shoreline rocket launch facility. Note how close it is to Acadia National Park.

Steuben Town Council  Oct 18, 2023

testimony by seaweed harvester Larch Hansen who supports a moratorium on rocket launches in Steuben(excerpt):

When I harvest rockweed for garden fertilizer, I’m working at the rate of $200/hour; it takes me ten hours to harvest, dry, process, and package 50 bushels, a ton of rockweed, and that ton will sell for $2,000.. In order for my business to thrive, the public has to perceive that the waters of downeast Maine are some of the cleanest waters on the planet..

Sascha Deri of bluShift Aerospace says that his company is devoted to “research and education”, but he totally lacks transparency when it comes to informing us about ALL the toxic chemicals that will be involved in his process. Firefighters will have to sign nondisclosure agreements. Mr. Deri says that other rocket companies will follow, and he can’t vouch for the safety of their process. In the culture of rocketry, Elon Musk leads the way with his “iterative technology” (translation: push for a launch, and when things blow up, revise the design and try again)..

Mr. Deri assures us that his launch process is solely in the interest of research and education, and not for military payloads, yet he has accepted funding from the U.S. Space Force!

Fire retardant foams are declared “safe” in material data sheets created by the people who stand to profit from their sale, yet the Department of Defense issues technical data saying that fire retardant foams for munitions storage sites cannot be made non-toxic and free of PFAS. What will be required for rockets?

If you’re willing to support a moratorium on rocket production and launchings in Steuben, please contact me.

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