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to build rocket launch sites in maine

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LD 1923 Frequently asked q's

What does this bill do?

LD 1923 created an entity called the Maine Space Corporation, Private-Public Partnership with the goal of developing Maine rocket launch sites for use by private companies.

Who pays for it?

Both the public i.e. taxpayers and, theoretically, private corporate interest invest in so-called Private-Public Partnerships but any profits are typically privatized. Government thus funds much research and development that is used by businesses to create products for sale. Vaccines are a recent example of this process at work.

How does it affect climate?

All rockets create significant greenhouse gas emissions, including those powered by fuels derived from wood or other plants. Many rocket launches damage the ozone layer as well.

How does it affect the environment?

All rocket site construction involves toxic substances, including the PFAS foam used for fire fighting and stored in vast quantities on site until it may be needed. And when rockets and satellites fall from the sky, they disintegrate into a chemical soup that then falls to Earth. Mass deaths of birds and other animals have been observed at rocket launch sites in other states.

Who wanted it?

Several for-profit companies such as blueShift Aerospace, Rogue Space Systems Corporation and VALT Enterpizes see this bill as opening up a revenue stream. Other public entities want to secure federal grants for building rocket launch sites as a learning experience for their students. UMaine Orono's Maine Campus student newspaper ran a puff piece on the project that included this conclusion: "The project will potentially take a decade in total and will be expensive for the state.."

What can we do to stop rocket sites being built in Maine?

Sign up for updates and join the resistance! We will monitor plans around the state and keep you informed about actions we can take together.

What Jonesport did

The town of Jonesport passed a six month moratorium on rocket launches due to concerns that commercial fishing sites could be disturbed. Reporting in this article from the Times Record, February 8, 2022:

Jonesport may decide fate of Brunswick company's proposed launch site