Citizens For a Safe & Clean Lake Superior (CSCLS)


We, the undersigned, oppose the plan to construct and operate a commercial vertical rocket launch site near Thoney Point, in the Granot Loma Historic District, in Marquette County, Michigan.

BECAUSE construction and operation of this heavy industrial rocket launch site will:

  • Destroy coastal forest, wetlands, and wildlife habitat

  • Contaminate Lake Superior with rocket debris, especially and catastrophically in the quite probable event of a rocket explosion or failure

  • Require regular evacuation of nearby residential areas and thoroughfares, and adversely impact and limit use of popular nearby recreational areas

  • Directly and indirectly harm the historic integrity of Granot Loma under the National Historic
    Preservation Act, in violation of Federal and State law

  • Negatively affect the economic growth of our community which is sustained by people who come here to live, visit, and recreate because of our pristine freshwater coastal environment

  • Severely diminish the overall quality of life in our community

BECAUSE the Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association (MAMA), in promoting this launch plan:

  • Showed little respect for our community by its complete lack of transparency

  • Concealed independent economic research showing this plan is not economically viable, contrary to MAMA’s claims, and will not create substantial jobs or economic benefit for Maquette County.